About us

Mea, originates from the latin word meaning my/mine and represents the core of our philosophy which is to empower our Customers and ensure they are the ones in control.

Our mission at MeaCars is to give access to our customer-base to the Middle Eastern Car Market as well as to provide them with a full range of online service and entertainment.

Indeed, our advanced filtering system and other automated mechanisms were specifically designed to help simplify and target any search with maximum speed and accuracy.

Staying true to our vision, in addition to providing the most comprehensive selection of cars available in the Middle East, we also focus on consolidating all related car services, such as financing, insurance, import export and accessories for easy, quick and user-friendly access on the website.

Whether a end-user, a private seller, or a car dealership or simply a regular dedicated viewer, everyone will surely find what they were looking for.

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